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With so much competition in the online writing market, it can be hard for a company to stand apart. Yet, there is one company that has really caught the attention of the students, mainly due to its pricing, namely 6dollaressay. Acquiring term papers, essays and assignments at such a rate is truly a dream come true for the students.

In this review, we take a look at all the aspects that make this company unique, and learn how the students are responding to this company. Although it is a relatively new online writing service, it is quickly carving its way to the top-tier of the market. However, as we will see, not everything is as it appears on the surface, and this company still has to find solutions to a lot of its recurring problems.

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Time: 6DollarEssay Possible Deadlines, Papers Delivery, and Delays (5.5/10)

An online writing service that doesn’t respect your urgency and isn’t reliable in its paper delivery is clearly not worth one’s salt. Unfortunately, this is one of the weak points of this company. The website claims that the earliest that a paper can be delivered to you is 24 hours, while the longest is 10 days.

However, after going through multiple reviews and online student testimonies, we found out that the service is known to be a bit late on most occasions. This may be a reason why students have not fully embraced this company. There are still a few things that it needs to work on to get competitive in the market.

It is advised that whenever you order a paper, select a deadline that is shorter than the one you actually have. This may allow you to get the paper on time, although you may have to spend extra money. Although the customer service allows you to stay in touch with the writer, usually this doesn’t help as the writer will still take his own sweet time to complete the project.

Price: 6DollarEssay prices range, discounts, payment options and free features (8.0/10)

As the name suggests, one of the strong suits of the company is its pricing. The pricing is categorized into Standard and Premium. It starts at a mere $6 per page for a standard quality paper with a 10-day deadline, and goes up to $24 for a 1-day deadline. The other projects, like thesis and research papers, are similarly categorized separately for Under-graduates, Graduates, and Ph.D. students.

Once you compare their price list to other online writing companies’, you’d find that it is almost 3 times cheaper. What’s more – discounts are available as well. As though the starting price wasn’t already low enough, the 25% discount you get is sure to make the whole order dirt cheap.

To avail the discount, you will have to contact customer supper agents to get the discount code as it is not mentioned on the website anywhere. Additionally, you may have to pay to get your paper proofread. This will cost you $4.96, and if you require an originality report, be ready to pay another $2.95.
So there are no free features, and the features that ought to be included in the original price are separated for which you are required to pay extra. Once you consider proofreading, citation, and originality report, the price jumps up. Not exactly the cheapest of offers, if you consider everything.

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Quality: 6DollarEssay papers quality and writers academic level (4.0/10)

The question that pops up then is whether or not it is a realistic price. Most professional writers won’t write a masters paper for $6 per page. So, is this legit?

Unfortunately, no. With a mere $6, you get essentially a freelancer writing the papers that are paraphrased from Wikipedia or other such websites. The quality of writing is as expected, which is quite poor when compared to other online writing services. The sample on their websites may look like it’s written by a professional, but that is just for show.

When it comes to actual delivery of the content, the papers are fraught with multiple grammatical errors and are written in very poor English. This means that half of the paper is completely incomprehensible and written in haste. There is no need to ask for a revision, since a completely new paper needs to be written by a completely different writer.

This is the reason why you won’t find a good review of 6dollaressay online as a great majority of students are fed up by their content quality, and the student testimonials are proof of that.

Verdict for 6DollarEssay writing service

At first glance, this company may seem like a dream come true for students. But the deeper you investigate, the more you find that it is not the case. The prices of papers are multiplied when you consider other costs such as proofreading, originality report, revisions, etc. That explains that the name is just to lure people to their website.

Ultimately, although there are many aspects on which the company needs to work, it can still be a viable option for high-school students who are looking for a cheap paper urgently and do not much care about their grades. For everyone else, especially college students and above, we recommend you stay away from this company.

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