The life of a student is undoubtedly tough. Not only do they have to attend daily lectures, but also to find time enough to complete a great many number of assignments for each subject. That is why online writing services like Essayshark have grown so popular over the years.

As a trustworthy company, Essayshark has quickly found a way to offer its services at lower than standard industry prices while delivery high quality content that has seen the grades of its customers skyrocket. Given the amount of students that order from this online writing company, it is quickly becoming a staple for students of all academic levels and for good reasons too.

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Time: EssayShark Possible Deadlines, Papers Delivery, and Delays (6.0/10)

Delivery of the write-up in a timely manner is what separates this legit company from other fraudulent ones. If you are in urgent need of an essay, you can choose to order with a 3-hour deadline that works like a charm. Of course, you can always choose a longer deadline if you aren’t pressed for time or if your budget doesn’t allow.

The Essayshark website claims to have successfully delivered ninety-eight percent of their orders within the deadline. Once you order, you have the added advantage of being in constant touch with the writer that is writing your essay. Since the website has a mobile version as well, it works perfectly and conveniently for you.

At the time of writing this review, there were 118 writers online that were ready to get on the task at a moment’s notice. With a massive number of students ordering from Essayshark every day, there are bound to be a few students who may not get their paper delivered on time. This is acceptable as it makes up only 2% of all the write-ups. Unfortunately, many of the negative reviews regarding late delivery are contributed by this minority.

Price: EssayShark prices range, discounts, payment options and free features (3.0/10)

There is no page on the website that provides a price range. This is because Essayshark employs a unique pricing strategy. It involves bidding on the part of the writers. Once you order, the writers will start bidding on your project. The price can go as low as $7.50 per page, which works great for students.

The chances of you getting a better bang for your buck increase dramatically with this system. Although it is subject to fluctuations, it is better than the concrete pricing system that other online writing services employ. However, the system may work against you if you are in urgent need of the essay. This is because there is always a time gap between ordering, getting the bid and picking a writer for the task.

There are no discounts to speak of because of the bidding system. But there are other special features that work in your benefit. This includes a free preview of the paper. Upon request, you get a preview of the paper immediately and are only required to pay once the project is finished.

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Quality: EssayShark papers quality and writers academic level (5.0/10)

No matter what else an online writing company offers, if the quality of the paper is not worth it, you might as well look elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are almost a 1000 writers active at any given moment on Essayshark that are not all professional and well-versed in their specialized fields. They are not all hand-picked to deliver the best content possible.

After reviewing their sample, we found out that the writers does not know how to write for different academic levels, and consider all the assignments of utmost importance. There were few grammatical errors and the sample hadn’t a proper flow to it with proper points, arguments, and examples. This indicates that the sample was far away from high quality, written by a professional. Although we only had one sample to scrutinize, it still passed with flying colors.

Reading through the multiple reviews, we surmise that the students have not received A+ grade essays that are well in line with the sample provided on the website. If you are looking to improve your grade while focusing on your overall comprehension of the subject, essays written by Essayshark cannot help you by leaps and bounds.

Verdict for EssayShark writing service

Essayshark is an online writing company that does not allow the students to be a flexible in their academic life. but thanks to their bidding system, students can avail their services at prices that are less than half of what their contemporaries offer. Though there are no discounts, the unique payment system ensures that students don’t have to break the bank while ordering essays.

The quality of the service is indeed awful. The same can be verified by students. Rest assured, you will never have to go through the trials and tribulations of student life alone. Even when you are overburdened, do not order from Essayshark.

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