Having a professional-looking website and a great design, Paperchoice seems like a great choice. Unfortunately, its negative reviews and bad critiques show us quite the opposite. Their marketing strategy might seem to call off these bad reviews at first, but if we dig deeper, we realize that is not even the case.

To provide you with the most accurate information about, we evaluated their website and services. We interacted with their personnel and measured their essay prices, time management, and quality factors. Here are the results.

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Time: Paperchoice possible deadlines, papers delivery and delays

On the website, Paper choice estimates that the soonest they can finish a paper is 4 hours. We contacted them on Live Chat, and they estimated the waiting time to be exactly the one on the website. We ordered an urgent paper on a psychological topic for Master’s Degree. They delivered the order in no less than 6 hours. They apologized and gave us another discount.

While it is true that the subject was not the easiest and they were sorry for the delay, any student would have missed his or her academic deadline due to this inconvenience. And what student takes this risk? Maybe just a few. We wouldn’t.

Regarding the content, the style was not what we ordered. We asked for an exquisitely formal writing style, and there were passages in the paper that were extremely informally written.

Price: Paperchoice prices range, discounts, payment options and free features sets pretty high prices for such a small online company. Prices for college papers start at $18 per page, while for Masters they start even higher, at $24 per page. Compared to other proficient writing services, Paperchoice is not the best choice, as any of paperchoice org reviews will agree.

A big plus was our online conversation with Paper choice’s customer service employee. Her responses were quick and to the point. She offered us a 10% discount on our paper. We refused the first offer, so they reconsidered. The employee came back with an even better offer: another 10% off. While that means Paperchoice can be flexible, it can also show overly inflated prices. They easily gave up on another 10%, which makes us wonder how qualitative their services really are. We left them a paperchoice org review with the above concerns, but they never got back to us.

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Quality: Paperchoice papers quality and writers academic level

On their website, Paperchoice promises that all of their writers have at least a Master’s or a PhD degree. We believe that this might not be the case. While we made it clear that we need a full academic paper with no colloquial language included, they delivered the opposite. As a whole, the paper was of low-quality. If you look at reviews, you will see that many customers agree with us.

A writer with a Master’s degree will definitely write better than what seems to have been an undergraduate student. Negative feedback did not help too much either, as our writer didn’t change anything although we asked for a quick adjustment. He answered after the paper was due, so we couldn’t tell whether he would’ve have made a positive change or not. Awful quality. Another bad review. Still no reply.

Verdict for Paperchoice writing service: not recommended

Although is a legit site with a good number of customers, clients don’t always know what they get themselves into. They pay beforehand, and the outcomes are not as good as expected. We highly doubt it you are going to order from them since their rates are indirectly proportional with their results. We do not approve of Paperchoice, and we think you could find better writing services if you really look into it.

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