Their website looks amazing. Their customer service runs impeccably. They look smart, act smart, think smart. Then what about all those awful reviews? We will answer all of your questions today. Looking smart is different than being smart, and this smart writing service has a lot to improve in order to become proficient. “Experience” is not enough to bring them to the top – they need a little bit more than that.

To help you with real information regarding their services, we have analyzed their time management skills, price range, and quality features. Feel free to take a look and draw conclusions on your own.

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Time: SmartWritingService possible deadlines, papers delivery and delays (4.0/10)

Smart Writing Service does not offer urgent services, which can be a pain in the bum for any anxious student. Their shortest deadline for any academic paper is 8 hours, which is way too much for a burning situation. Most companies offer deadlines which range from 2 to 6 hours because, in the end, students use writing services only in case of an emergency.

Besides their slow pace, smartwritingservice com reviews also show that the company doesn’t deliver essays on any academic subject. They are mostly focused on Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Economics.

Since they are not able to deliver tasks urgently, have a slow writing pace, and only focus on a few subjects, we strongly recommend not using There is a huge market full of proficient writing services, don’t set your mind on only one. Look deeper!

Price: SmartWritingService prices range, discounts, payment options and free features (6.0/10)

For an 8h deadline at Undergraduate level, customers must pay no less than $31 per page. That is unbearable, even for a wealthy undergraduate student! College papers are usually around 6 pages long. That means $186 per paper with no certainty of qualitative content. Why?

Any review will tell you: the company uses a pre-paid payment method. Imagine meeting an online writer for the first time and trusting him or her 100%. You deliver the full sum and then wait for the hopefully-great result. But what if the result isn’t great and you spent money on low-quality content? There is no way you could check that beforehand, and that’s why we do not recommend

While some people don’t have trust issues, we believe that any writing service should offer a segmented payment plan. Most of the online services present on the market today give students the option to pay page by page. The writer composes one page, the student checks it and pays. If the customer doesn’t like the content, the writer modifies what seems necessary. This way, clients have full control over what’s happening with their papers, and the certainty that everything is going to look professional in the end.

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Quality: SmartWritingService papers quality and writers academic level (5.0/10)

If we had only one word to describe the company’s qualitative skills, we would say bad. There is a lack of academic and professional experience, and no freedom of choice. Clients are not given different writer options to choose from – smartwritingservices simply designates them one.

We believe that to be unfair and unethical to the company’s customers. But we are not the only ones – their previous customers believe that too. Any smartwritingservice com review will develop on this subject, which looks pretty bad on them.

Writers’ availability relies on a set schedule, giving students no chance to submit their papers on time if the deadline is set for 6 AM. Clients will rarely find writers working after midnight, which can be extremely inconvenient and upsetting.

Verdict for SmartWritingService: not recommended

While reviews can be good at time, most of its clients complain about the writers’ persuasiveness and availability. The company could improve its services step by step. We would not recommend using because of the above reasons. There are better writing services available online that any smart client could make use of!

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