Review is far from the ‘#1 Custom Essay Writing Service’. We say this based on the research we did online, and the number of negative reviews we found there. Still, this does not mean that the service is bad, only that they exaggerated with the statements used on the homepage.

To get the truth out, we checked our regular criteria for writing companies. You will find the results in our USAWriters review.

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Time: USAWriters possible deadlines, papers delivery and delays

The services range and deadline options here are solid, and the company gives students and opportunity to order papers weeks ahead or only hours before their deadline. However, the biggest number of complaints in the USAWriters reviews we found were about delays in delivery, so the list of possible deadlines isn’t very reliable in the first place.

If you do want to order here, we’d recommend choosing a deadline closer than the one you have. You may have to pay more, but at least you’d be sure that you will get the paper in time. Of course, we went and ordered a paper within a tighter deadline for our review to see the delivery system, and we can confirm that this is a reason for concern. Our paper came only two hours late, but it was still delayed.

Price: USAWriters prices range, discounts, payment options and free features

New companies usually choose to offer cheaper rates to allow customers to get to know the way of work, but decided to go the other way. The prices here are extremely high, even for the lowest, average quality option.

Just to give you an idea, we checked how much a high school paper within 2 weeks and lowest quality would cost. The rate is incredibly high $15.03 per page, and this paper would be $17.50 if you expect the highest quality.

You can get up to 20% discount but only based on the number of pages ordered. So, if you were expecting a newcomers’ special offer or something special for returning customers, you will be disappointed. The good news is, everyone gets a discount here. The bad is, getting to the higher discounts requires many pages ordered at the same moment.

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Quality: USAWriters papers quality and writers academic level

Our paper was less than 15 pages, so we got a minor discount of 5%, so the price remained high. We did choose the medium quality option to avoid high expenses, because we do not believe students would be able to pay for the highest quality option. Even so, this option resulted in a quality we believe is below average, so we couldn’t anticipate what would happen if you do choose the lowest quality when placing an order.

Why do we say this?

Because our paper was not only delayed for two hours, but it was neither proofread nor referenced. So, we ended up asking for a revision and waiting for another day to get references for the used sources, which cost us a lot of time.

Verdict for USAWriters writing service: not recommended

As if high prices are not an issue, charge a fortune to later miss your deadline! We cannot recommend for a variety of reasons, including high rates and low paper quality, as well as fake statements right there at the beginning of the homepage.

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