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When they say they have affordable prices at writemyessays.net, they mean it. It’s literally one of the cheapest companies that write papers you could find today on the online market. Eight dollars for a page of an essay is really low, at least half of what the high-rated companies charge.

This doesn’t make this service any less good than those companies. We always give companies a clean slate to prove themselves with their features and quality service. That’s where this Writemyessays review starts – with what the company offers and what happens when you order from them.

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Time: WriteMyEssays.net Possible Deadlines, Papers Delivery, and Delays (5.0/10)

The best prices at Write My Essays come when you order ahead of time. For example, if you order an essay two weeks ahead, you’ll pay less than $10 for a page based on what your academic level is.

But, this doesn’t limit you to that deadline only. In fact, the service has deadline options that go up to 3 hours only. So, if you forgot about a paper you need today, you can order and receive it before the deadline ends.

It’s an excellent option that more and more such companies start offering today. In combination with a really good list of services, it seems ideal. However, writemyeessays.net has somewhat of a bad reputation with delivery. We’ve read a lot about students whose papers have been delayed by the writers or the company. When this happened, none of the customers were refunded, which is unacceptable.

Price: WriteMyEssays prices range, discounts, payment options and free features (6.0/10)

As we mentioned, the price range here starts at really, really low rates. It can go up to $28 per page for an essay that would cost you $8 if you order it two weeks ahead. Both these prices are extremely low when we compare them to what the rest of the companies offer on the same market. In fact, some companies won’t even edit your paper for as little as $8, and others would charge you double if you order it as urgently as three hours.

This makes the company even more attractive at this point. However, for us who have researched a great deal of companies, this is really concerning. If you look at this from the point of a professional writer, you’d realize that the rates are ridiculous for an expert writer. As you know, you need an actual good expert to write a paper of the great quality they offer, so how are these prices realistic and possible?

There’s actually a discount added to this, too. There’s no fixed discount of any form, not even a first-time discount. You can’t expect one with those prices. We actually did not expect their 5% and 10% discounts either. Still, these are bulk discounts and to get them, you can speak to the support.

We’ve never read about students who got these discounts, so they’re probably just there for marketing purposes. This is disappointing and makes you lose trust in what the service has to say. But, with those prices, it was the least of our concerns.

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Quality: WriteMyEssays papers quality and writers academic level (4.0/10)

Quality was the biggest of our concerns and for a really good reason. Eight dollars are nothing for a writer with years of experience to spend time writing your paper. Let’s not forget – the company has to learn something from this, too, so the writer would be getting less than this amount for writing your paper.

As we assumed, they can’t hire a great writer to work for this amount of money. Therefore, when we ordered the research paper within a deadline of 2 days there, we got a delayed delivery of almost one extra day. This is a reason for refund in itself, but it wasn’t the only problem.

We were never refunded and we had three grand reasons to ask for a refund. First, the delay that would prevent any student from meeting a deadline. What good is the paper to them if they miss the deadline? Second, the paper quality that was literally one of the worst we have read. There was no editing that would fix it, not that the support offered one for free. Finally, the plagiarism. It wasn’t that grave, but even 10% of plagiarism is too much for what’s supposed to be an original, custom academic research paper.

Verdict for WriteMyEssays writing service

Due to the bad reputation and our equally as bad experience with the service, we can’t possibly rate this service highly. They seemed perfect at the beginning, with their low rates and unlimited service list. They even mentioned extra discounts on a price that begins at $8, which is a dream come true for any student.
However, these prices result in delays, plagiarism, and really bad paper quality. In the end, the company isn’t even worth the low rates they are offering since you’d be losing academic performance and time to edit their work.

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